Without Due Process
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Without Due Process

Story in One Sentence

Erin Brockovich meets The Patriot.

Story Synopsis

Wishing to preserve his fifth amendment rights, in a letter to a local newspaper, Denver school teacher BILL CONKLIN ques≠tions the legality of being required to file a federal tax return. An IRS audit and federal court case ensue and Conklin gains support from an unlikely source: IRS Special Agent JONATHAN BALLINGER begins to research the fifth amendment rights of taxpayers after hearing activist DEBORAH  KITCHENS on a national radio talk show.

Ballinger discovers that the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which authorized the federal income tax) was never properly ratified. Ballingerís research and his resulting report result in illegal surveillance and wiretaps by his supervisor, BRIS LADRON, who engineers Ballingerís forced resignation from the IRS. Ballinger and Conklin unite with researcher ROBERT HENDRICKS and southern lawyer LARSON BURCH to expose the income tax fraud to the American public.

Main Characters:

BILL CONKLIN, mid 40s, Denver school teacher.

JONATHAN BALLINGER, mid 30s, IRS Special Agent for Drug Interdiction.

DEBORAH  KITCHENS, mid 40s, activist, former Congressional candidate.

BRIS LADRON, mid 30s, Ballingerís supervisor.

ROBERT HENDRICKS, late 60s to early 70s, researcher.

Supporting Characters:

LARSON BURCH, mid 40s, southern lawyer.

MARY ANN TAVERY, mid 30s, Bill Conklinís wife.

JACKSON, mid 20s, an IRS agent.

MOREY, mid 40s, an IRS surveillance man.

RICHARDS, mid 20s, a black IRS agent.

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