Who Moved the Stone?
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Who Moved the Stone?

Story in One Sentence:

The Passion of the Christ meets All the President's Men in the screenplay suggested by Frank Morison's classic work Who Moved the Stone?

Story Synopsis:

THEOPHILUS, a Roman nobleman from Palestine, is appointed to defend a troublemaking Jew who has appealed a conviction to Rome. Theophilus has prepared two background reports for his long time friend PROCONSUL CRISPUS. The reports are based on two scrolls from a Greek physician who investigated eyewitness accounts of the dangerous speeches and ultimate execution of a man identified as "The Prisoner", who is alleged to be a pretender to the throne of the nation under Roman rule. It turns out, the Troublemaker is a follower of The Prisoner.

As the story unfolds, we find that The Prisoner is none other than an obscure rabbi from Palestine who has attracted a following among the area's disenfranchised who claim that The Prisoner is alive after his execution by PONTIUS PILATE, the governor of the local area.

An intrigue-filled story unfolds as a conspiracy at the highest level. "How high?" the Proconsul asks. "The locals. The Romans. Even God himself, the Prisoner's followers say." is the enigmatic reply of Theophilus.

As powerful and intrigue-filled as any modern novel, Who Moved the Stone? follows the events leading up to and beyond the most dramatic historical event of the Roman era: the trial, crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

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