Somebody Love Me
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Somebody Love Me

Somebody Love Me!

Story in One Sentence

A little boy left in an orphanage by his wayward mother begins to affect the lives of two of the caretakers of the orphanage.

Story Synopsis

Somebody Love Me is the story of a little boy left in an orphanage by his wayward mother. Set in 1941, our story follows 5 year old ZACHARY WHITE, who is left at Our Lady's Home for Little Ones, a Catholic orphanage. The home's MOTHER SUPERIOR and SISTER CATHERINE become primary characters in the life of this little boy who, because he is not really an orphan, cannot be adopted by KAR and EDNA MILLER, caretakers to the home. Kar Miller holds a secret that keeps him aloof from all the children at the home, but Zachary's unique attitude of fearlessness eventually breaks down the caretaker's shell.

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