Sky Heist
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Sky Heist

Story in One Sentence: Break the Bank at 30,000 feet.

Ocean’s Eleven meets Red Eye in the new fantasy caper screenplay written by Charles Welty. 

Story Synopsis:

Alan Burkett is a thief. He’s not a petty thief, mind you. He’s a world-class thief with a penchant for high-tech heists. “A safe is a safe,” he notes. “Some just take a little more work to crack.”

Our picture opens with Burkett’s successful heist of a European island casino run by Henri duClaire, an eccentric French businessman who owns a number of gambling palaces. A complex and driven man, duClaire is the head of a multi-national industrial conglomerate. This is not the first casino belonging to duClaire that Burkett has heisted, but there’s no proof that Burkett is the culprit. DuClaire vows that his hated rival will never hit one of his casinos again.

Burkett, now in retirement, takes DuClaire’s challenge personally. He notes with interest when DuClaire announces the inaugural flight of his new 7E7 Dreamliner, which he has named the Fortuna after the Greek goddess of luck. DuClaire’s Fortuna is a state-of-the art long-range aircraft, configured as a flying casino. The Fortuna is exclusively a club for high rollers. First class ante just to board the Fortuna is $20,000,000. The business class ante is $10,000,000. There is no tourist class on the Fortuna.

“You’re going to sky-jack a flying casino?” his partners in crime query incredulously. “More like a sky heist,” Burkett deadpans as he considers the enormity of the task: steal $400,000,000 in bearer bonds while the Fortuna is on its maiden flight from Paris to Sydney. He decides against the job. “It’s impossible!” he declares. And Burkett is, after all, in retirement with a kid to put through school.

A complication arises when DuClaire kidnaps Burkett’s teenaged daughter from boarding school and puts her on the inaugural flight. DuClaire then invites Burkett to join the inaugural flight, and to ante up $20,000,000 in bearer bonds as a thinly-disguised ransom demand just to get her back. When Burkett suspects that DuClaire has no intention of releasing his daughter alive after the maiden flight of the Fortuna, Burkett is forced to accept the challenge: pull off an impossible sky heist, rescue his daughter, and escape with all of the money, not just his $20,000,000 ante -- all without getting caught.

The central focus in our film revolves around Burkett’s actions on board the Fortuna, a multi-decked custom Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner aircraft with DuClaire’s fantasy casino and state-of-the-art security. The fun really begins as we watch Burkett and his team rescue the girl, break the bank, and then steal the bonds right from under the noses of the DuClaire and his security team.

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