Ransom in D Major
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Story in One Sentence:

Five kids, one priceless cello, a symphony of trouble.

Story Synopsis:

In this comedy-adventure, five Philadelphia area middle school students face a problem: their music program is being canceled because of financial cutbacks. What can they do to save their musical education?

Somewhat envious of his friends who possess musical talents that he himself doesn't have, and wishing desperately to fit in with them, streetwise REGGIE reluctantly leads four "wannabe" junior performers who have the most to lose from the cutbacks. CASEY is an aspiring cellist. MARTIN wants to be a concert violinist. PILAR plays the oboe. And MICHELLE, an aspiring concert pianist, has secret hopes to be an orchestra conductor.

The young performers' hopes are dashed by the cancellation of their end of school year concert recital. After the kids attend a concert featuring ZUILL BAILEY, the famous American concert cellist, Reggie comes up with a desperate plan: kidnap Bailey's prized cello (made in 1693 by the Venetian artisan Matteo Goffriller) and hold it for ransom.

Complications arise, of course. Believing the priceless cello has been destroyed in an accident, all seems hopeless for Reggie, who put the ill-advised plan together. But the understanding concert cellist has his own plans to teach the little hustler a lesson in honesty and to rescue the music program. Calling in some favors from his professional associates, Bailey helps Reggie put together a last minute concert where some of the finest classical performers of our generation perform on stage with the youngsters for a benefit concert to save the music program.

Watching his friends perform with the experts, Reggie is racked with mixed emotions. He is happy for his friends, but believes he does not fit in with all the talent around him. As he leaves, alone, he is stopped by a lone figure in the back of the concert hall. The man quizzes Reggie, forcing him to admit to the misplaced talents that the young man used to orchestrate the ransom. We learn the identity of the man who has taken such an interest in Reggie: it's famed record producer QUINCY JONES. Jones invites Reggie to intern with him for the summer. And so Reggie finds his niche.

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