Mesquite Justice
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Mesquite Justice

Story in One Sentence

The gold. The guns. The glory.

Story Synopsis

Destiny joins four men on a train bound for Mesquite, Arizona in this Western adventure set in the 1880's.

CHASE WINSLOW, a gambler and former Civil War officer, meets U.S. Marshal WILOUGHBY STARR and his Deputy JOHN, an Apache whose companion is a semi-domesticated wolf named Ba'cho. Along for the ride is WILLIE "BOOTS" ACTON, a charming ne'er-do-well.

"Wha'd he do?" Winslow asks Marshal Starr as Winslow practices his trade (concealing cards, as he is a professional gambler).

"Bank robbery, cattle rustlin', petty larceny, assault, theft, deflowerin' a schoolteacher, dischargin' a firearm in city limits and, lessee... cheatin' at cards," is Boots' laconic response.

"And cussin' in church," adds Starr.

The four men are forced to fight a local gold and silver baron and his gang of cutthroats when the train they are riding on is robbed. A showdown is set the next day when Starr is supposed to take Boots by stagecoach to the territorial prison at Yuma.

In town, Winslow meets a woman with a mysterious past. Boots is enchanted by the young lady, but Winslow goes out of his way to see that the two never hook up. Now, why is that?

Tension steadily mounts as evening comes to the small town. When the bad guys declare war against Starr, his deputy, Winslow, and Boots, the four reluctant heroes must work together to save themselves, the girl, and the gold in a rousing finish.

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