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Harvey and the Time Machine

Story in One Sentence:

When you dream for a living, what do you do when your dream actually comes true?

Story Synopsis

Harvey Mason is an old-school special effects wizard who is called on to create a time machine for a low-budget science fiction film (actually, our feature film The Rankin Paradox) without resorting to computer imagery. Harvey learns to deal with ambitious and uber-talented director Jonathan Lawrence as he prepares to shoot the picture without CGI effects.

Along the way, screenwriter Charles Welty runs interference between the two men. But Welty has his own plans. He wants to win the California mega lottery. “Four hundred million dollars will allow me to buy this place,” Welty says, referring to Big Shot Studios, where the picture is being made.

Harvey tackles the project immediately, getting some help from his next door neighbor kid, Marshall. But Harvey does his job too well. Harvey and Marshall discover to their shock and consternation that Harvey’s time machine really works.

This presents him with an opportunity to go back in time to “rescue” his wife Terri. She died from cancer four years before, and if he can return to 1994, he can bring her forward to face the treatments that can save her life.

If only it were that simple! Hilarious and poignant complications ensue.

Co-Production Release

We're working on the development of a companion feature release called The Rankin Paradox. This film is the feature referenced in Harvey and the Time Machine, which will be shot around the production of The Rankin Paradox. To download both password protected scripts in one file, click on the "TwoByWelty" PDF link on the top left of The Rankin Paradox page or on the script cover image at the right.



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