Founding Fathers
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Founding Fathers
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Founding Fathers

Story in One Sentence:

Five of the most influential people in the founding of America travel forward in time to see what becomes of the Grand Experiment.

Story Synopsis:

Five men seek shelter in the canopy of a covered bridge during what appears to be a lightning storm: GEORGE WASHINGTON, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, THOMAS JEFFERSON, JOHN ADAMS and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. As they move onto the bridge, the horses pulling the carriage are reluctant to pass over the bridge. Hamilton, in the driver's seat, urges them on. They pull out of the storm that rages around the bridge and into a mist at the end of the covered bridge. They emerge out into the daylight. Except for the time change, everything appears to be normal. Colonial folk in the appropriate period dress greet them as if nothing was wrong.

Our Founding Fathers step down from the carriage and enter a local tavern. Everything looks as it should  be. But when a 21st century car pulls in alongside the carriage, and out hop two young people, we learn that our Founding Fathers have come forward to 21st century Colonial Williamsburg. The young people, SALLY ERICKSON and RICHARD LAWTON are engaged. She is a criminal defense lawyer; he is a technician at a medical lab, working on his M.D. degree.

Through a series of amusing adventures, we find out that the five men are exactly who they claim to be. But what they find in 21st century America is not what they expected. It's a nightmare of welfare states, perversion, and big government to their 18th century sensibilities. They are arrested as pious frauds.

Sally and Richard work together to prove the Founding Fathers are who they say they are, and with the help of a physicist arrange their return to their own time.


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