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Click here to order the Ameristan novel.  Trailer developed by Jonathan Lawrence.

Arabian Nights meets Red Dawn in
Charles Welty’s Ameristan

Story Synopsis: Ameristan is a novel and a motion picture political thriller premised on the unthinkable: The United States of America becomes a conservative Muslim state where Islamic Sharia is the law of the land. You still cant post the Ten Commandments in public schools, but Allah help you if you dont recite the Quran three times a day... 

The novel can be purchased here. If you are interested in getting updates on the publication of the novel, send us an email by clicking here.

The script can be downloaded in PDF format, but a password is required to open the PDF file. The password must be requested by email from the screenwriter. Click here to request the password by email from the writer. You must tell him a little bit about yourself in your email, and be sure to tell him why you are interested in his script. If you do not do this, Mr. Welty's entertainment attorney won't let him send you the password! Sorry. Lawyers...

Some Early Script Reviews:

¨"Ameristan is something everyone should read. It is so plausible, it is frightening." — Laura Mansfield , Strategic Arabic Translations

¨"Quite a powerful piece of work." — Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, Opinion Editor, (

¨"I thoroughly enjoyed the well-written and not so fanciful account of a WW III scenario of Islamic takeover of America in the novel Ameristan. I could not put it down and even had a quite vivid dream about a scene you reference in the novel. I think it would definitely work as a feature film...."

— Rabbi Aaron Parry, Los Angeles

¨"Ameristan... gets people to understand the dangers we face through a back door method."

Judson Cox, Internet and Newspaper Columnist/Editor (

¨"We should kill you for writing this." — Anonymous message to screenwriter Charles Welty. (Mr. Welty responds: "Stand in line. After all the death threats we have received, there are 14,000+ ahead of you.")

Main Characters:

SHAHID RACHMAN, an exchange student; BOBBIE SUE FISHER, daughter in Shahid's host family; ALFORD DICKINSON, a U.S. Congressman; DARRYL HARB, IWN reporter; ABU KAREEM, Prison Chaplain; IBRAIM AZIZ, a Scout leader; YUSEF ACHIM, runs an "al-Qaida style" wilderness camp;  TARIG SAEG, a school board candidate; ALI BIN-SALEM, wealthy industrialist; CAPTAIN SCHLESSER, Captain of Bin-Salem's yacht

A Note on the Political Elements of Ameristan:

Toward the end of Act Two, a V.O. monologue from our fictional character Abu Kareem underscores the political ambitions that drive Ameristan. Briefly summarized, they are as follows:


1.  The Ameristan Movement draws its guidelines from Islam; derives from it its thinking, interpretations and views about existence, life and humanity; refers back to it for its conduct; and is inspired by it in whatever step it takes.

2.  The basic structure of the Ameristan Movement consists of Muslims who are devoted to Allah and worship Him.

3.  The Ameristan Movement welcomes all Muslims who share its beliefs and thinking, commit themselves to its course of action, keep its secrets and aspire to join its ranks in order to carry out their duty.

4.  The ultimate goal of Ameristan is Islam, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution. Its special dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims, who adopt Islam as their way of life.

5.  Like Ameristan, Hamas is a distinct Palestinian Movement which owes its loyalty to Allah, derives from Islam its way of life and strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.

6.  Allah is the goal of Hamas, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution, Jihad its path and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.

7.  Like Ameristan, Hamas believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can renounce it or part of it, or abandon it or part of it. No Arab country nor the aggregate of all Arab countries, and no Arab King or President nor all of them in the aggregate, have that right, nor has that right any organization or the aggregate of all organizations, be they Palestinian or Arab, because Palestine is an Islamic Waqf throughout all generations and to the Day of Resurrection.

8.  Peace initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of Hamas and Ameristan. There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals and International Conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility.

The citations from the dialog of Ameristan were taken from Here are the specific sources:

1.  The first statement is a word-for-word quote from Part One—Knowing the Movement, Article One: The Ideological Aspects of the official 1988 Charter of Allah: The Platform of the Islamic Resistance Movement.

2.  The second statement is a word-for-word quote from Article Three: Structure and Essence of the very same document.

3.  The third statement is a word-for-word quote from Article Four of the very same document.

4.  The fourth statement is a word-for-word quote from Article Five: Dimensions of Time and Space of the Hamas of the very same document.

5.  The fifth statement is a word-for-word quote from Article Six: Peculiarity and Independence of the very same document.

6.  The sixth statement is a word-for-word quote from Article Eight: The Slogan of the Hamas of the very same document.

7.  The seventh statement is a word-for-word quote from Part Three: Strategies and Methods, Article Eleven: The Strategy of Hamas: Palestine is an Islamic Waqf of the very same document.

8. The eighth statement is a word-for-word quote from Part Three: Strategies and Methods, Article Thirteen: Peaceful Solutions, Peace Initiatives and International Conferences of the very same document.

Regular Briefings on Islam

Want to know more about the agenda of radical Islam for the West? Visit the, the Islam Commentaries. and PRISM  the Project for the Research of Islamist Movements.

"In the day of political spin and massaging of facts to suit agendas, the Northeast Intelligence Network provides the unvarnished truth about the terrorist threat posed by the enemy living among us. These dedicated professionals have the courage to tell Americans what some in our government might not think we are prepared to hear."

-Jayna Davis, author The Third Terrorist          π

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