The Littlest Cop
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The Littlest Cop

Story in One Sentence:

A little dog. A local problem. A lot of fun.

Story Synopsis

Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland has a situation. His Ohio county has a problem with illegal drugs.

Deputy Sheriff Tracy "One Punch" Masters, a former boxer, is in charge of the county's K-9 units. And to add insult to injury, her police K-9 dogs are tearing apart autos and vans with nothing to show for it, especially when the drugs that were once there are no longer present. The result is thousands of dollars in court judgments against Sheriff McClelland's under-budgeted sheriff's department.

One day Sheriff McClelland and his wife are given a Chihuahua puppy. Its nose is constantly in motion and it turns out the pint-sized pup is a whiz at locating drugs without tearing up vehicles. Dubbed "The Littlest Cop" by the local press, the little dog named Midge is put to work and soon excels at busting the bad guys.

But the local drug dealers are no pushovers. They put out a hit on Deputy Dog and even go to lengths to attempt to poison Geauga County's Littlest Cop. So it's a race to bust the bad guys, expose the conspiracy and solve a big problem with a little dog.

Based on a true story.

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