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Christmas Card

Story in One Sentence

There are angels among us.

Story Synopsis for This Motion Picture Short

A lonely mountain road finds two out of town strangers hitch-hiking through the snow-covered hills. Joseph and his very pregnant wife Mary are poor, thinly clothed for the weather, and tired.

The young couple comes across a small country church celebrating Christmas with an annual exchange of Christmas cards. They are at first ignored by all except a very elderly woman, Miss Jenny, who claims she has brought a Christmas card just for them. And it has their names on it. How can that be?

Before the exchange of cards, the preacher reads from the New Testament: "Let brotherly love continue. Stop neglecting to show hospitality to strangers, for by showing hospitality some have had angels as their guests without being aware of it."

He asks Miss Jenny to introduce the two strangers. She does. When the people find out their names, they treat them very nicely. Could these be the angels that might come among them?

After the service, the young couple is served hot coffee and snacks. Miss Jenny is ignored. She leaves the church alone, heading out on her ancient three-wheeled bicycle.

Miss Jenny rides through the falling snow to a deserted hill outside of town. "Home," she says. She climbs the hill, looks out over the woods, and the transformation begins. Wings arch over her shoulders. Her face becomes youthful. Her hair lengths. Her shabby clothes transform into a radiant robe. She vanishes into the night.

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