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Here's a list of the personnel who have indicated their willingness to work with us on our projects. An independent studio is known by the company it keeps, and we intend to keep only the best company – top creative talent from around the world. Here are just a few...

Mark Byers. Executive/Producer/Writer Mark Byers has produced or directed numerous independent feature motion pictures (Deception, Take No Prisoners, Dream Parlor, Criminal Act), written 24 feature screenplays (The Family Mancuso, The Treatment, Slow Boat to China), and written and produced numerous television programs and specials (The Price of Freedom, Home Base, Hands of Mercy, More than the Music).

Byers made his name in Asian co-production circles with the critically acclaimed box office success, Gua Sha, and the hit Hong Kong actioner Dragon Squad. Byers has been actively involved in setting up international co-finance and co-productions with partners in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, India, and Mexico.

In addition, Byers is involved in the funding of large film slates, and represents investment partners developing larger infrastructure projects such as cinema construction and operation, studio development and construction, and new technology development.

Charles Welty. Mr. Welty wrote many of the screenplays in the our project list. He started writing in radio in 1976. After completing an award-winning radio documentary (The Spirit in ’76), he went on to produce a series of public service announcements (radio and television) for the Faith America Foundation. Mr. Welty was later retained to write the screenplay for Minnesota Connection, based on the popular Warner paperback. (The picture starred Joseph Campanella and Rosie Greer.) Charles Welty joined the Writers Guild of America in 1981. He co-founded a direct broadcast satellite company (Continental Satellite), which was later sold to aerospace conglomerate Loral. He later founded a publishing company (Davidson Press) and a satellite telecommunications company (SWANsat).

Frank Antonelli and Caroline Zelder. Since forming their film and television production company in October 2001, Frank Antonelli (writer/producer) and Caroline Zelder (writer/producer/director) created a television series for Ridley and Tony Scott (FH2), wrote an epic historical drama for Mel Gibson (Waitin’ for a Train), and are producing the family film A Plumm Summer which Caroline is directing. They have worked or are currently working with CBS, Mel Gibson, Icon Productions, Hugh Jackman, and the Walt Disney Company. They are represented by Sandra Lucchesi and Amy Schiffman at The Gersh Agency and managed by Graham/Rosenzweig.

Jonathan Lawrence. Lawrence picked up a movie camera at the tender age of eight, and so began a lifelong love affair with storytelling through film that has touched audiences everywhere. As a result of these years of experience, Lawrence has become one of today’s premiere visual stylists – a communicator in images and emotions – shooting straight for the heart. His award-winning work has often been compared with that of his inspirational mentors – Orson Wells, Frank Capra, James Cameron, and Steven Spielberg. Recent directing credits include – Dream Parlor, The Family Mancuso, Treasure of the Templars, and Windsong.

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