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Distribution Is Critical

We've got the Schwartz to pull it off. Donald J. Schwartz, that is. Mr. Schwartz served as Senior Vice-President of Domestic Distribution for Studio Three Film Corporation, responsible for the domestic distribution of all the company's product, as well as overseeing U.S. distribution operations.

Previously, Mr. Schwartz was Vice-President and Eastern Division Manager for Dino de Laurentiis Entertainment Group and served in executive positions at both Avenue Entertainment and Corsair Pictures.

Mr. Schwartz also worked for Orion Pictures Distribution Corporation as Metropolitan District Manager in New York, working closely with Robert A. Cheren on the distribution of such films as Hoosiers, Platoon, Amadeus, Hannah and Her Sisters, and The Terminator.

Distribution Cash Flow

Following the Money Trail

The following diagram, though somewhat oversimplified, provides an overview of the money trail from script to screen and then on back to the investors.

The Producer (center column, top row), makes the film (left column, top row). The Producer sends the film to…

The Distributor (center column, center row). The distributor puts the film on reels (left column, center row), advertises it, and sends the reels to...

The Theater (center column, bottom row). The Theater sells tickets (left column, bottom row) and sends 1/2 of the money (right column, bottom row) on to...

The Distributor (right column, center row), who deducts his fees and expenses and sends the balance on to…

Production & Distribution Process with Cash Flow

The Producer, who repays the investors and/or the production loans and then splits the profits with his investors according to an agreed upon formula.

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